High Country Lighting is your #1 choice for track permanent holiday lights in Utah. We are the #1 authorized dealer of Gemstone Lights in Utah and our extensive knowledge of the product is truly second to none. We are a growing business and the customer is always our top priority. At High Country we strive to give our customers the service, attention to detail, and customer care of a small business while still maintaining the professionalism and dependability of a big business. Our warranty is the best in the business and it’s because we believe in our product. We have the Gemstone lighting system on our own homes and co-owner Tyler Jarvis did extensive research into all track lighting systems before choosing Gemstone lights as the perfect fit for his customers. High Country’s Co-owner Zane Oler is the only lighting technician in the United States who has been trained by Gemstone light’s corporate office. Because of this we make sure that your product is installed cleanly, correctly, and that it will work flawlessly on your home for life. When you choose to have your home's beauty enhanced with High Country Lighting, you are choosing dependability, unparalleled service, and knowledgeable installation of the most feature filled track lighting system on the market. Please contact us and find out more about permanent holiday lights in Utah.